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Philacy, a E-commerce retail company, We Sell Indian Stamps, Miniature Sheets, Coins, Notes And FDC. Postage stamps are not just a piece of paper with pictures on them. The postage stamps denote a historical value. They are the ambassadors of the culture. The postage stamps are not only used for their primary role, but their function has diverse duties to preserve the heritage of a country. According to philately India, the postage stamps have become a paper ambassador representing its country of origin, images, and culture. Stamps are an intellectual investment. Their sole purpose is not only to post the letters but also to symbolize art, knowledge, and international recognition.

We have different types of Stamps :

  • Commemorative 
  • Historical
  • Definitive

As we know, both the intrinsic and actual value of stamps here we are with our postal stamps collection. In this time of the pandemic, we are providing you with the ease to buy stamps online. We know that it is challenging to stand in the queue of the post offices or the stores and wait for your turn to purchase the stamps yet follow all the SOPs and save yourself from getting the virus. As every business is becoming digitalized, then why not the stamps. We understand the need for an hour, and just for your comfort and safety, we are providing you with this opportunity to buy stamps online.

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