Luna Crypto Crash-How to make money safely by selling stamps

Luna Cryptocurrency collapsed 99%

Luna Cryptocurrency collapsed

In the crypto market, there is volatility, and people losing their money in the market. A classic example of the same is Luna crypto which has fallen drastically a week ago, and the investors who invested in Luna crypto had lost their money 99% in a while. Unfortunately, every cryptocurrency has fallen these days as it turns out many small and new investors lost their confidence in the crypto market.

The Indian stock market crashed


The Indian stock market crashed

The same things are happening in the Indian stock market where most of the stocks have fallen 20% to 30%. now many investors fear investing in the stock market both domestic institutional investors (DII) and foreign institutional investors(FII) due to this Indian stock market facing liquidity shortage, and what is the government going to do with it? It remains to be seen.

Best way to make money through Philately

There is volatility in the crypto market and stock market. Investors losing their money in crypto and stock day by day. So our concern was how can we give better opportunities for our users so that they can make money these days, that’s why we have come up with a strategy for you.  You may buy stamps and miniature sheet where there is no volatility and not even fear of losing money. We will explain each and every point so that you can understand what is philately and how it works. Let me make you understand how stamps and the miniature sheets will make you rich. Just imagine if your ancestor had bought an Indian National Congress Miniature Sheet in 1985, which was issued on 28th October 1985 to mark the celebration century of The Indian Congress Party and it was released by The Indian Post Department, at that time the sheet price was one rupee only and today its price 1200 rupees more returns than gold, land and even stocks.

If you want to buy stamps and miniature sheets, whether it could be your hobby or want to make money. No worries about experience and expertise. If this is very clear to you, let me show you how to collect stamps and miniature sheets online.

As you are on the website where you will get all kinds of miniature sheets and stamps to buy like; cricket stamps, political stamps, bird stamps, and many more. Philacy website is easy-to-use to buy and make payment stamps and miniature sheets.

Luna Crashed 99% – Invest in Stamps if Looking for Safe Option- Watch this Video

Steps to Buy Stamps and Miniature sheets

Step 1: Register to  with your credential details.



Step 2: pick the stamp and miniature sheet from the menu.


Select the stamp

Step 3: click on add to cart to proceed ahead.


Click on add to cart

Step 4: Click on proceed to checkout.


Proceed to checkout

Step 5: fill in the form of billing details and proceed to pay.


Proceed to pay

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