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Indian Currency Note Collection issued after independence is known as republic India notes. However, the Reserve Bank of India continued to publish and circulate extant notes of British India till 26th January 1950, when India’s constitution was formed. The first-ever 1 rupee notes of republic India were designed in 1949 by the Government of India. Since then, India’s Government has been issuing 1 rupee notes for India while the Reserve Bank of India issues all the remaining denominations. The latest denomination is the 200 Rupees note introduced last year, and the 2000 rupees note was introduced in 2016. Designs of 10 Rs and 50 rupees republic India notes have also been revamped recently.   


From the start, it was concluded that the Indian currency note collection would highlight a representation of the dad of our country, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, prevalently known as Mahatma Gandhi. Strangely though, the decision was revoked at the last moment, and the Lion Capital of Sarnath was chosen. This was probably because they didn’t want to depict a personality on the first republic, India notes. Instead, they wanted to feature a symbol that represents our country.


Buy Old currency note online in India that were issued after 1953 started using the Hindi language more boldly. Did you realize that the Reserve bank of India had given old cash banknotes of high groups, for example, Rs 5,000, Rs. 1,000, and Rs. 10,000 in the year 1954? Another interesting fact about republic India notes is that the size of messages was reduced in 1967 as the nation faced economic crises. The government wanted to implement cost-cutting measures. A commemorative series of republic India notes were issued in the year 1969 to celebrate the birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi. Unlike other old notes of republic India, these special notes featured a seated Gandhiji with the Sevagram Ashram in the background.


The first 20 Rs notes of republic India were introduced in 1972, and the first 50 rupees messages were circulated two years later, in 1975. The high denomination to buy Indian old currency notes were demonetized in 1972. The ancient mathematician Aryabhatta was featured on the 2 Rupees notes of republic India in the 1980s. Similarly, the oil rig was featured on 1 rupee note, and the Farming mechanism was featured on 5 rupee notes issued during this period. The Konark wheel and Peacock were featured on 20 rupees and 10 rupees notes of this time.