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Miniature Sheets - Buy Indian Miniature Sheets

Here’s a golden opportunity for all interested in adding impressive miniature sheets of India to their collection. Our website offers a wide variety of Indian small sheets to Buy Miniature sheets in India. A miniature sheet is a collection of stamps arranged together in a sheet with additional selvage designs. Many-a-times, the arrangements featured on the stamps become seamless with the sheet, making it look even more beautiful.

If you look at the list of miniature sheets of India, you will be delighted to find the kind of exciting themes that have been explored so far. From season’s greetings, exotic birds, Children’s Day, and Indian metal crafts, to Charkha, FIFA world cup, and legendary singers of India, you can buy Indian miniature sheet Collection in numerous themes and designs at Mintage World.

The beauty of a stamp is enhanced when it is presented on a miniature sheet. You also get an overall perspective about the stamp design and the event or personality it celebrates by observing the elaborate designs on these small sheets.

There are many collectors out there who are inclined towards building a unique offer to Buy old miniature sheets Online in India album. You won’t find a better chance to do so, as we have exciting options for you. If you are a thematic collector, you can browse through India’s miniature sheets listed on our website and select something that fits into your theme.

Buy Miniature sheets in India on our website are in excellent condition, and the pricing is reasonable. The complete description, including the year of issue, type, denomination, and designs, are mentioned on the link. So what are you waiting for? Simply click and place your order, and we will deliver your favorite Indian miniature sheet Collection at your doorsteps.

A smaller than usual sheet or trinket sheet is a little gathering of postage stamps appended to the sheet on which they were printed. Such logos might be of uncommon issues honoring commemoration, century, topic, or occasion. The quantity of stamps on MS goes from one to around 12. MS of Geet Govind and MS with Zodiac Signs are the authentic models. Both the logos and the whole sheet are substantial for mailing, even though they are quite often sold above presumptive worth and kept in mint assortment by authorities.

  • India Post has given different sorts of Miniature Sheets with a wide range of blends.
  • MS has perfect stamps.
  • MS is having edges or selvage of the sheet having an extra legend of occasion or event printed.
  • MS having a full image of which the stamp(s) is (are) only a little part.
  • MS having elaborate plans, value, emblems, and logo(s) which are not the piece of the stamp(s)
  • MS where stamps are in se-inhabitant position while similar logos are not se-occupants in standard-issue
  • MS has a suitable scent.
  • MS of Joint Issue of 2 nations with the subject of another country on one stamp
  • MS is having just a single stamp.
  • FDC with MS with just one stamp and gave uniquely as Souvenir Sheet
  • MS is having the stamp of Khadi fabric.