Paradeep Phosphates share makes a negative debut in the stock market.

Why paradeep phosphates stock is falling?

Paradeep Phosphates share makes a negative debut in the stock market.


Paradeep phosphates shares hit the Dalal Street (DS) on 27th May 2022 delivering around 4 percent to its allottees. Paradeep Phosphates Limited is the second-largest private-sector manufacturer of nonurea, fertilizer, and Di-Ammonium Phosphates in terms of the sales volume made as per listing on the bourses on 27th May 2022. And it was the expectation of most of the market experts.

The company share, Orissa-based fertilizer manufacture gained 4 percent on the same day. The listing day was expected although the indication from the grey market where the issue did not command any significant premium.

The stock opened at ₹ 44, against the issue price of Rs 42 on the NSE, whereas the listing price on the BSE was Rs 43.55.

The prevailing market sentiments have shaken the confidence of the investors and them now being cautious about investing in such a public issue.

The overall market sentiment is not supporting the IPO listing these days because of the current market scenario.

The public issue was subscribed 3.01 times in the qualified institutional buyers (QIB) category, 1.37 times in the retail investors category, and 0.82 times in the non-institutional investors (NNI) category. The non-urea fertilizer manufacturer company has made it clear that it uses the proceeds of the fresh issue to partly finance the acquisition of the fertilizer manufacturing facility in Goa, payment of a debt, and general corporate purposes.

Why the Stock Market is struggling these days?

There is volatility in the Indian stock market and crypto market there will be speculation in the upcoming days. Investors are losing their money in the stock market day by day.

Is investment in philately safe heaven?

A lot of investors are related to the state of the economy. So if the economy is struggling, property and shares might lose their value. But stamps and miniature sheets are not affected by the economy. Instead, they depend on buyers. This means stamps can retain their value even during a recession in the stock market and investment struggle.

So our concern is how we can provide better opportunities for our readers so that they can make money in this critical situation without taking any risks. So we have come up with a strategy as philately, where you collect some stamps and miniature sheets to make money by doing so.  In Philately, there is no volatility and not even concern of losing money philately.

This is an India-Portugal joint miniature sheet.

portugal miniature sheet

Dandiya Dance of India and Pauliteiros Dance of Portugal, Dandiya Dance is the most popular traditional folk dance in Gujarat and it is special feature in of the Navratri festival. Dandiya dance is performed in a group, by both women and men.

Pauliteiros Dance of Portugal is a stick dance known as dance dos paulitos. The dance is categorized by the use of two that the dancer hit the (small drum) and bombo (big drum), by the so called tamborileiro.

The miniature sheet was issued on 7th Jan 2017 to celebrate Diplomatic relationship between India and Portugal. It was released by The Department of Indian Post. The miniature sheet has gained more than 139 times in 5 years.


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