Philately is the new hobby for smart investment in India

Philately is new hobby of smart investment


Imagine in your street people are making crores out of stamps. If you don’t believe it, sample this. The philately division of the Chennai city region postal department made one crore in the last year. Stamps are safe in terms of investment.

It is not surprising that the evolved Indian investors for only collect stamps as a hobby but also they buying stamps as an investment way to make money.

When the others assets classes like; gold and stock were volatile as the Indian stock market was in slowdown and it created a nightmare for investors who had invested in the stock market, many investors of them lost their wealth in the crash. But stamps prices are never volatile and get affected by the economic crises. Actually, its price only depends upon buyers and demand.

How does stamps price grow?

Stamps are a very stable investment. The minimum appreciation you will on rare stamps is fifteen to twenty percent annually. By collecting standard stamps there is very little chance of losing your money.

Owning to very little chance to lose money everybody can buy Indian stamps and the price of stamps is low these days, but after two-three years the price of stamps go beyond the reach of you as a new philatelist started collecting Indian stamps as a hobby and way of making money.

Who are the buyers of stamps?

For a long, the image of Indian philatelist was in middle-aged, who had built their stamp collection over the years. However, in this era, many young collectors are getting drawn into the field of postage stamps. A lot of IT professionals and others professionals are investing their funds into stamps for a safe investment because they have seen a slowdown in the stock market, where investors are losing their wealth. So they are now switching to safe investment and many of them have already purchased Indian stamps as an investment.

This is a Beautiful India Miniature Sheet

buy Beautiful India miniature sheet

The beautiful India miniature sheet was issued on 15th August 2017 on the occasion of Independence Day 2017.

India is a unique country and it has different languages, food, geography, clothes, and festival which represent the uniqueness of the rest of the countries. The miniature sheet of Beautiful India was released by The Department of Indian Post.

How to preserve stamps in India?

Of course, stamps have to be in condition to fetch a good value. But preserving stamps is very expensive in India. Good quality albums are costly too. Moisture and humidity will ruin a stamp.

Store the albums and unused sheets of commemorative stamps in an archive box in cool condition. Avoid plastic storage boxes, where moisture accumulates and it can’t escape.

How to buy and sell Indian stamps?

For buying and selling, one can go through the traditional way of dealers you can trust or you can also take advantage of some of the auction houses to Indian stamps in bulk, but auction houses charge a commission.

On the other hand, you have an option to buy and sell online. For buying Indian stamps you can buy them from as it has a vast variety of stamps and miniature sheets at affordable prices.

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