14.Mar.’23: 75 Years of India – Luxembourg Friendship First Day Cover (FDC-2023)


Luxembourg has been a vital partner in the European Union for India, supporting various initiatives and fostering trade relations. Conversely, India’s growing economy has presented numerous opportunities for Luxembourgish businesses, leading to a mutually beneficial partnership. The First Day Cover released on 14 March 2023 stands as a testament to the enduring friendship between India and Luxembourg. It not only celebrates the past achievements but also looks forward to a future of continued collaboration and mutual growth. As both nations commemorate this significant milestone, they reaffirm their commitment to nurturing the bond that has been so carefully built over the decades. This special FDC is more than just a postal item; it is a symbol of the shared history and hopeful future of India and Luxembourg.  If you want to Buy this FDCIndian Stamps and Miniature Sheet , then visit our website philacy.com

75 Years of India – Luxembourg Friendship First Day Cover (FDC-2023) from Philacy.com