16 Sep.’86: X Asian Games, Seoul First Day Cover (FDC-1986)


The 1986 Asian Games were particularly notable as they were the first major international sports event hosted by South Korea, paving the way for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. The FDC serves as a memento of this groundbreaking event, reflecting the pride and aspirations of a nation on the rise. For philatelists and sports enthusiasts, the X Asian Games, Seoul First Day Cover represents a slice of history. It encapsulates the excitement and significance of the 10th Asian Games, which saw participation from 27 nations competing in 25 sports. The event highlighted the growing importance of sports in fostering international relations and cultural exchange.

The 16 Sep.’86 X Asian Games, Seoul First Day Cover (FDC-1986) is more than just a philatelic item; it is a piece of history that captures the essence of a landmark event in Asian sports. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a casual enthusiast, this FDC offers a tangible connection to the past, celebrating the enduring legacy of the Asian Games and the host nation’s significant role in the world of international sports. if you want to buy FDCIndian Stamps and Miniature Sheet please visit our website philacy.com

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