24 Aug.’91: Birth Centenary of Jain Muni Mishrimalji (Poet & Preacher) First Day Cover (fdc-1991)


Jain Muni Mishrimalji was born on 24 August 1891, into a devout Jain family. From a young age, he exhibited a profound inclination towards spirituality and the Jain way of life. Renouncing worldly pleasures, Mishrimalji dedicated his life to the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and the propagation of Jain teachings. Muni Mishrimalji was not only a dedicated ascetic but also a gifted poet. His literary works, composed in various Indian languages, are celebrated for their depth, simplicity, and spiritual insight. His poetry often conveyed complex Jain philosophies in a manner that was accessible and inspirational to the common people. Through his verses, he spread messages of non-violence (Ahimsa), truth (Satya), and self-discipline (Tapas), which are core tenets of Jainism. The First Day Cover commemorating the birth centenary of Jain Muni Mishrimalji is more than just a philatelic artifact; it is a celebration of a life devoted to spiritual enlightenment, poetic expression, and the upliftment of humanity. As we remember Muni Mishrimalji on this special occasion, we are reminded of the timeless values he championed and the profound impact he had on the spiritual and literary landscape of India. If you wish to Buy this FDCIndian Stamps and Miniature Sheet ? If yes, visit our website philacy.com

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