24 Sep.‘03 Janardan Swami (Saint & Social Reformer) First Day Cover (FDC-2003)


Janardan Swami’s teachings were deeply rooted in the ancient scriptures of India, particularly the Vedas and the Upanishads. He emphasized the importance of self-realization, moral values, and service to humanity. His teachings transcended caste and creed, emphasizing the universal nature of spirituality. Janardan Swami’s legacy continues to inspire millions of people across the world. His teachings on compassion, righteousness, and selflessness are as relevant today as they were during his time. To commemorate his life and contributions, a First Day Cover was issued by the Indian Postal Department, featuring his image and highlighting his role as a saint and social reformer. If you want to Buy this First Day Cover, Indian stamps and Miniature Sheets then Visit, philacy.com

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