30 Aug.’04: Panini (Grammarian of Sanskrit Language) First Day Cover (FDC-2004)


Panini, often hailed as one of the greatest grammarians of ancient India, lived during the 4th century BCE. His magnum opus, the “Ashtadhyayi,” is a comprehensive treatise on Sanskrit grammar, composed of nearly 4,000 concise rules and sutras. Panini’s work revolutionized linguistic analysis, providing a systematic framework for understanding the structure and syntax of Sanskrit, which became the foundation for subsequent linguistic studies in the Indian subcontinent and beyond. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the FDC-2004 holds significant collectible value for philatelists, historians, and linguists. It serves as a tangible link to the past, preserving the memory of Panini’s contributions for future generations. Moreover, the issuance of this First Day Cover underscores the importance of recognizing and celebrating cultural icons who have shaped our understanding of language and literature. So if you want to Buy Indian Stamps, Miniature Sheet & FDC then do visit Philacy.com

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