7.Dec’17 INS Kalvari First Day Cover (FDC-2017)


In commemorating the commissioning of INS Kalvari, the First Day Cover (FDC-2017) immortalizes a landmark event in India’s naval heritage. As a symbol of strength, sovereignty, and technological prowess, INS Kalvari continues to inspire future generations of naval personnel and serves as a beacon of national pride. Through the timeless artistry of the FDC-2017, the spirit of this historic occasion lives on, ensuring that the legacy of INS Kalvari remains etched in the annals of Indian naval history. Beyond its symbolic value, the FDC-2017 holds significance as a collectors’ item and historical artifact. Collectors and enthusiasts alike cherish it as a rare piece of memorabilia, commemorating a pivotal moment in India’s naval history. With its limited availability and intrinsic value, the First Day Cover stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of INS Kalvari. if you want to Buy Indian stamps, Miniature sheets and FDC, Kindly visit our website philacy.com

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