12-04-2006: India-Cyprus joint issue Miniature sheet


India is an Asian country and Cyprus is a Eurasian island country. But relations between the two countries have been going on traditionally since 1962. Indian Post Office released India-Cyprus joint issue miniature sheet on 12th April 2006 to promote the importance of Indian and Cyprus cultures. India has consistently supported the Cyprus War of Independence and subsequent settlement. The Cyprus issue is based on UNSC resolutions, international law, and the EU acquis. India-Cyprus: Joint Issue Miniatures India, Himachal Pradesh’s folk dance Nati, and Cyprus’ folk dance make Kouta even more popular. Nati is a famous folk dance in the Himachal Pradesh state. Men, women, and children can participate in the Nati folk dance. Everyone holds each other’s hand, moves their feet back and forth, and keeps dancing moving other parts of the body according to the song’s rhythm. A fire is lit in the middle of the dance and dances are performed around it.

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