19-6-2009: Rampur Raza Library, Uttar Pradesh Miniature Sheet


The Rampur Raza Library in Uttar Pradesh, India is a repository of Indo-Islamic cultural heritage and a treasure trove of knowledge established in the last decades of the 18th century. It was built by the Nawabs of Rampur and is now managed in the name of Raza Ali Khan of Rampur. It houses a very rare collection of historical documents, specimens of Islamic calligraphy, miniature paintings, astronomical instruments and rare pictorial works in Arabic and Persian. On this occasion, the Indian Postal Department released a set of four Rampur Raza Library miniature sheets. Rampur’s Raza Library also includes printed works in Sanskrit, Pashto Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, and Turkish, and about 30,000 printed books in various other languages.

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