20-08-2019: Participation of India in 1st World War Miniature Sheet


Out of an estimated population of 315 million in the Indian subcontinent, 150,000 volunteers came forward.  About 50,000 were in active service in the Indian Corps on the front line and in supporting battalions on the Western Front in France and Belgium. Within a month of the start of the war, the Indians were in action on the Western Front, where Khudadad Khan became the first Indian to win the Victoria Cross in the first battle. Khudadad Khan was Fighting with great distinction against the Turks in the Mesopotamian Campaign. Indians served on the Gallipoli Peninsula and also went to East and West Africa and China. Participants of India in the 1st World War from the Indian subcontinent won 13,000 medals, including 12 Victoria Crosses and by the end of the war, a total of 47,746 Indians were reported killed.

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