27-02-2007: Fairs of India Miniature Sheet


In a land of diversities, there is an opportunity to enjoy and experience a variety of cultural fairs and festivals, and India is the epitome of such experiences. These festivals are part of the intrinsic culture as well as the continuity of the heritage of our society. The Indian Postal Department released a set of four Fairs of India miniature sheets to mark the day. Pushkar fair is the biggest fair in the state of Rajasthan and this fair is one of the biggest cattle fairs in the world. The Pushkar fair is primarily a place where camels and cattle are bought and sold, but in recent times competitions such as ‘bride game’, ‘Matka phod’ and ‘longest moustache’ have become popular. The Sonepur Fair is the largest cattle fair in Asia which has been going on for two thousand years since the time of the Mauryan Empire.

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