28-01-2000: The Gallantry Awards Miniature sheet


The Gallantry Awards were instituted by the Government of India to recognize military and civilian acts of bravery or sacrifice. All the gallantry Awards are announced twice a year, once on 15th August and again on 26th January. The Government of India instituted three gallantry awards namely Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra and Vir Chakra on 26 January 1950. On this occasion, the Indian Post Department released a set of five miniature sheets named Gallantry Awards Miniature Sheets. The Government of India instituted three more Aany gallantry Awards in 1952, the Ashoka Chakra I, the Ashoka Chakra II and the Ashoka Chakra III. India’s highest civilian award Bharat Ratna was established in 1954.

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