29-12-2017: Stepwells of India Miniature Sheet


In India Stepwells known as baoli, the name proposals are wells with steps descending into them. Stepwells are a common phenomenon in India and can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. To store more water comfortably steps were built leading to the stepwell which also served as a source of worship. There are now about 2000 surviving stepwells in India. They are no longer in use, but have become treasured pieces of architecture through the ages. The Indian Post Department released a set of sixteen Stepwells of India miniature sheets to mark this occasion. Chand Baori located in Rajasthan is the most popular stepwell in India. Many tourists come to visit for its beautiful architecture. The Chand Baori stepwell belongs to the Nikumbh dynasty in the 9th century.

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