29-4-2009: Spices of India Miniature Sheet


India Post has issued a set of miniature sheets of the four spices of India consisting of black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric-chilly and coriander and cloves. Which is used in pharmaceutical products, beverages and cookies, turmeric is also called India, saffron, and coriander is used in cooking, and beverages and sausages – Chilies are available in more than 50 varieties. India includes a variety of spices. India produces a wide variety of spices in different parts, including those imported from similar climates and cultivated locally over the centuries. Spices are used in various forms. Chopped, ground roasted fried. They mix food to extract elements and bind them palatable. Some spices are added at the end as flavourings they are heated in a pan with cooking oil.

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