5-10-2006: Endangered Birds of India Miniature Sheet


The Indian subcontinent is home to birds and a series of migrant birds is also seen. For some years some birds are facing the great danger of being endangered. The Indian Postal Department released a set of four miniature sheets of Endangered birds of India namely the Manipur Bush, Lesser Florican, Greater Adjutant Stock and Nilgiri Laughing Thrush. The main reason for the endangered of Indian birds is human activities and deforestation and the second reason is the hunting of birds, due to which their population is declining. About 82 species out of about 1,250 species of birds found in India are listed as endangered in the Red List of Endangered Birds. The Manipur bush quail is a species of quail found in India and Bangladesh, which lives exclusively in tall grasslands. It was first described by Allan Octavian Hume in 1881 on an ornithological expedition to Manipur.

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