02-05-2019 : The Postage stamp on Vedanta Desikan


Vedanta Desikan was born in Thoopul, Kancheepuram (Tamil Nadu) in the year 1268 AD to a religious family named Ananta Suri and Totaramba, who named him ‘Venkatanathan’ and later popular as Vedanta Desikan. Many people considered him as an avatar (incarnation) of the great Bell of Lord Sri Venkateswara of Tirumala Tirupati. He and his wife always lived a simple life. He visit several cities thought his life such as Srirangam, Kancheepuram, Thivruvahindarapuram, Tirupati and Melkote, He also journeyed widely all over India on foot. He lived for 101 years and died in 1369 AD.

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