03 Jul.’87: Festival of India in USSR. India Stamp


During the Cold War era, India and the USSR shared a unique relationship marked by strategic, economic, and cultural cooperation. The Festival of India in the USSR was one such cultural exchange program aimed at showcasing India’s diverse traditions, art, music, dance, and literature to the Soviet people. This event was part of a broader effort to enhance mutual understanding and foster goodwill between the two countries. The release of the commemorative stamp on July 3, 1987, marked a significant moment in the cultural history of India and the USSR. It celebrated the Festival of India in the USSR, a grand event that showcased India’s rich cultural diversity and strengthened the bond between the two nations. Today, this stamp stands as a testament to the power of cultural diplomacy and the lasting impact of such exchanges on international relations.  Are you interested to buy Indian Stamps, FDC,  and Miniature Sheet ? If yes, visit our website philacy.com

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