04-01-2009: Louis Braille Birth Bicentenary India Stamp


Louis Braille was a famous French teacher and inventor. He is famous for devising a Braille reading and writing system for the visually impaired. On his birth bicentenary due to the work he has done for blind people around the world, the Indian Postal Department issued a Louis Braille Birth Bicentenary India stamp giving him the goods. Braille’s journey began with a momentous incident at the age of three, when he lost sight in one eye due to an unfortunate incident involving a sewing needle. Sadly, the disease progressed and he eventually lost sight in both eyes. Louis Braille’s determination shone brightly in an era of limited provision for the visually impaired. Because he not only excelled in his academic pursuits and also got admission to the prestigious Royal Institute for Blind Youth in France.

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