07-10-2023: Hemchandra Vikramaditya India Stamp


Hemchandra Vikramaditya was an Indian emperor who previously served as the general and vizier of Adil Shah Suri of the Sur Empire during a crucial period in Indian history, marked by the power struggle between the Mughals and Afghans in North India.  A postage stamp was released on October 7 at the Haryana Bhavan in New Delhi in honor of Emperor Hemchandra Vikramaditya, famous for his role in the Second Battle of Panipat. The ceremony was presided over by Union Minister of State for Communications Devusingh Chauhan and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal. During the programme, the Haryana Chief Minister said that Emperor Hemu had brought great honor to India. He also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched the Panch Pran programme, one of the objectives of which is to protect our cultural heritage and create a sense of national pride. 

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