11-10-2022: Sawai Gandharva India Stamp


Sawai Gandharva also known as Pandit Rambhau Kundgolkar was born on 18 January 1886 in Amminbhavi village of Dharwad district of Karnataka. When he was only 3 months old, his mother Saraswatibai died, after his mother’s death he was brought up by his aunt Tulasakka. Sawai Gandharva met Ustad Abdul Karim Khan for Hindustani classical music at the age of ten and narrated his voice to him, and then Ustad Abdul Karim Khan said you have a good voice. Sawai Gandharva requested the maestro to teach him classical music. On this occasion, India Post Department issued Sawai Gandharva India Stamp. Ustad Abdul Karim Khan said that I would teach him classical music, after which he gave him rigorous training for 10 years.

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