12-11-2009: Gaurishanker Dalmia India Postage Stamp


Gaurishanker Dalmia was born on November 12, 1910, in the Lakhisarai village of Munger district in Bihar. He obtained education in Kolkata and assumed control of the family business following his father’s demise at the age of 17. The Department of Posts acknowledged Gaurishanker Dalmia’s significant contribution to charitable efforts by issuing a postage stamp in his honor. On the request of Mahatma Gandhi, he left his family business and shifted to Jasidih village in Santhal Pargana. He actively engaged in the freedom struggle and, in 1926. He embraced the Gandhian philosophy, committing to wearing only khadi clothing. His involvement in the Salt Satyagraha campaign led to his imprisonment in 1931. 

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