14-01-2020: Indian Fashion designers’ Creations: Series 4 Miniature sheet


Fashion design is a form of art devoted to the composition of our design aesthetics through clothing and other lifestyle accessories. All fashion designers research trends and interpret their choices for customers. All the designers who design clothes, while designing, they think about who can wear this design of clothes and who should wear it on what occasion. Celebrating Indian fashion and designers, the Indian Postal Department releases a set of nine Indian Fashion Designers’ Creations: Series 4 miniature sheet. Haute Couture is a high type of fashion, the clothes of this fashion are completely made by hand, clothes are very expensive, these clothes are stitched by very experienced people and sometimes it takes time to sew them. Many designers choose to specialize in specific areas of design rather than attempting to cover all aspects. These specializations can include bridal design, fabric design, costume design, and accessories design.

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