17-09-2008: Dr. Taravat Mahadevan Nair (founder of Justice Party) Indian Stamp


Dr. Taravath Madhavan Nair was an Indian politician and political activist of the Dravidian Movement from the Madras Presidency. He founded the Justice Party, He was born in Tirur on January 15, 1868. His father, Sankaran Nair, was District Munsif in the judicial service in Tirur. Dr. Taravath Madhavan Nair was educated at the Government School, in Palghat. His elder brother, Sankaran Nair, studied law and served as Deputy Collector. Dr. Taravath Madhavan Nair graduated from the Presidency College, Madras, and joined Madras Medical College. He did not complete his course in medicine in time to continue his studies at the University of Edinburgh. So if you are looking to collect these Indian stamps and miniature sheets, then visit our Philacy.com

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