20-02-2014: Hasrat Mohani Indian postage Stamp – Buy from Philacy


Hasrat Mohani’s name was Syed Fazal-ul-Hasan Takhallus Hasrat. He was born in 1875 in Kasba Mohan District Unnao. His father’s name was Syed Azhar Hussain. Hasrat Mohani received his initial training at home and did his B.A. from Aligarh in 1903. From the very beginning, he was fond of poetry and started showing his Kalam to Tasneem Lakhnavi. In 1903, released a Risala Urduye Mualla from Aligarh. If you want to know about Hasrat Mohani  stamps so you can visit our site Philacy and if you are looking for the miniature sheet, you can still visit the site.


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