21.12.1985: Shyama Shastri (Composer) India Stamp


Syama Sastry, the eldest member of the Music Trinity, was honored with a multi-colored stamp issued on December 21, 1985. The Department of Posts spells his name as Shyama Shastri. This stamp, with a denomination of 100 paise (Re. 1), has perforations of 13 x 13 and was printed using the photogravure process on unwatermarked adhesive stamp paper at the India Security Press in Nashik. Additionally, a First Day Cover was released to mark the occasion. The Shyama Shastri (Composer) India Stamp features an artistic rendition of Shyama Shastri, often depicted with traditional South Indian attire, and his musical instruments, symbolizing his deep connection to the art form. The background may include motifs or elements reflective of his cultural and musical heritage. This philatelic tribute not only celebrates Shastri’s musical genius but also underscores his role in enriching the cultural and spiritual tapestry of India. Are you interested to buy Indian Stamps, FDC,  and Miniature Sheet ? If yes, visit our website philacy.com

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