22-12-2010: Bhausaheb Hiray India Postage Stamp


The Hiray family had its roots in the ‘Lakshvaku’ heritage of the Suryavanshi warriors of Ayodhya. This dynasty received national recognition mainly due to the efforts of Karmaveer Bhausaheb Sakharam Hiray. Due to his extraordinary abilities he was honorably appointed to the royal court of Baroda state. Subsequently, Bhausaheb Hiray started his legal career in the city of Malegaon, an important center of Khandesh. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, he actively participated in the ‘Indian Independence Movement. To commemorate the work done by Bhausaheb Heera for the welfare of the society, the India Post Department issued a postage stamp in his name. Bhausaheb Hiray made an important law called ‘Kul Qaida’ in 1957. 

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