23-01-2023: Major Durga Mall Indian Stamp


Indian Post Office released a commemorative postage stamp on Major Durga Mall on 23rd January 2023 on the occasion of Parakram Divas. The Government of India has decided to observe 23rd January as ‘Parakram Divas’ in the sub-goal of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary. Major Durga Mall was born on 1 July 1913 in Doiwala village of Uttarakhand. His father’s name was Ganga Ram Mall and his mother was Parvati Devi Mall. He was a person of different nature since childhood. In 1930, when he was a student of class IX, he Participated the independence of the country. Salt Satyagraha (Dandi March) was started by Gandhiji. Durga Mall participated openly in that movement. On 26th Jan 1931, Durga Mall at the age of 18 Joined Gorkha Rifles, Dharamshala Cantonment. Due to Durga Mall’s educated and calm nature, he ‘made his own identity in the army’. He soon started army training and He was also praised as a football player. Apart from this he was also heavily influenced by plays and dramas Poems and wrote some poems himself.

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