23-02-2018 : B. Nagi Reddi A commemorative postage stamp


Bommireddy Nagi Reddy, also known as B. Nagi Reddy, was a prominent figure in the Indian film industry as a producer and studio owner. B. Nagi Reddy made significant contributions to Telugu and Tamil cinema, leaving behind a lasting legacy. In 2018, the Indian post department released B. Nagi Reddi a commemorative postage stamp. B. Nagi Reddy began his career in the film industry during the 1940s, initially working as a distributor and exhibitor. In 1942, he established Vijaya Vauhini Studios in Chennai, which became one of the most successful and influential film studios in South India. Under his guidance, the studio produced several critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. B. Nagi Reddy collaborated with renowned directors and actors to contribute to the success of several notable films. If you want to collect this stamp or Miniature Sheet, visit Philacy

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