23-11-2023: 525th Birth Anniversary of Meera Bai India Stamp


Meera Bai was born in Kudaki, India in 1498. She was a Hindu mystic known for her devotional songs dedicated to Lord Krishna. Meera Bai was a princess and the only child of Ratan Singh, younger brother of the ruler of Merta. Meera Bai’s devotion towards Krishna began in her childhood when a man gifted her an image of Krishna. In 1516, she married Prince Bhoj Raj of Mewar. In 1521, her husband suffered a battle injury that led to his death. After the death of her husband, Meera Bai had to face challenges. The Indian Postal Department released a postage stamp on the occasion of the 525th birth anniversary of Mirabai. Mira Bai spent most of her days in a private temple dedicated to Krishna, continuing her religious practices.

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