24-08-2019 : A Indian stamp on Calava Cunnan Chetty


Calava Cunnan Chetty founded a Sanskrit College at Triplicane to promote the education of ancient Sanskrit Texts. He also started many elementary schools for the poor people in the city of Madras and other places of India, such as a school at Membalam, a school in Thambu Chetty Street, Girls’ School in Narayand Mudali Street, Primary Girls School in Chintadripet, etc. He provided several supports in many charitable and service organizations. In 1920, Dr. Annie Besant and the important people of Madras awarded the “Dharmamurthi” title to Calava Cunana Chetty for his work. The title “Rao Bahadur” was awarded by the British Government for his work to Society.

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