25-11-2011: Grand Lodge of India Stamp


The Grand Lodge of India (GLI) serves as the principal governing body for Freemasonry within India and was officially established on 24 November 1961. This formation consisted of three delegations: the First Grand, Lodge of Scotland the Grand Lodge of Ireland and the Grand Lodge of England. To represent the Grand Lodge, the Indian Postal Department issued the Grand Lodge of India Stamp. At that time, India already hosted a total of 277 individual lodges, of which 145 were elected as the new Grand Lodge of India. Freemasonry in India can be traced back to the early 18th century. East India Company officials held their meetings at Fort William, Calcutta. Notably, the Crowther Masonic Hall in Quilon, Hyderabad, holds historical significance as the oldest structure used as a Masonic temple in India.

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