27-12-2011: Madan Mohan Malviya 150th Birth Anniversary of India Stamp


Madan Mohan Malviya is known as an iconic figure in the modern history of India. He was born on 25th December 1861, in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. He dedicated his life to the betterment of society through education and played an important role in India’s freedom struggle. Indian Postal Department released an Indian stamp on the Madan Mohan Malaviya 150th years of birth anniversary of India Stamp. Madan Mohan Malaviya’s attainment of knowledge started at an early age. After completing his primary education in his hometown, he pursued higher studies at Allahabad University and later at Calcutta University. Madan Mohan Malviya firmly believed that education held the key to social progress and the betterment of society.

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