31-07-2008: Birth Centenary of Damodar Kosambi (Statistician, Mathematician and Indologist) Indian Stamp


Damodar Kosambi was born on 31 July 1907 in Kosbe Goa. He was a Mathematician and Marxist historian of India. He was the first to develop the orthogonal category statement. In 1918 after a few years of schooling in India Damodar travelled with his father to Cambridge Massachusetts and looking for a teaching capacity at a Latin school. Damodar studied Grammar School for one year and then joined a Latin School in 1920. He then became a member of the Cambridge branch of America. In 1924 he enrolled in Harvard but he postponed his studies and came to India. After coming to India, he lived with his father, worked at Gujarat University and was close to Mahatma Gandhi. In 1926 Damodar kosambi returned to the UK with his father.


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