31 May.’86: 13th World Cup Football Championship, Mexico Stamp


The 1986 World Cup is particularly significant for several reasons. Originally scheduled to be hosted by Colombia, the event was relocated to Mexico due to economic difficulties faced by Colombia. Mexico thus became the first country to host the World Cup for the second time, having previously done so in 1970. This edition of the tournament is often remembered for the remarkable performances and unforgettable moments it produced. Today, the 1986 World Cup stamp is a sought-after item among philatelists and football fans. It serves as a tangible piece of history, encapsulating the magic of the World Cup and the exuberance of the host nation, Mexico. This stamp is more than just a postal token; it is a reminder of the unity, passion, and joy that football brings to people around the world. Are you interested to buy Indian Stamps, FDC,  and Miniature Sheet ? If yes, visit our website philacy.com