UST Crypto Dipped Below $0.15 from $1

UST Crypto Dipped Below $0.15 from $1

UST Crypto Dipped Below $0.15 from $1-One can make money by selling stamps

Do you know that The depegged  stablecoin of Terra  Foundation, named UST, fell below $0.15 from $1, wiping out more than $30 billion from the investor’s wealth and its sister token Luna took the entire hammering?

Terra has been in a back-breaking fall, and it would need a good amount of time to recover. And the creator of terra blockchain with his Tarraform lab’s team conceded that the Tarra ecosystem has experienced a total collapse, and rolled out the proposal on Friday.

As there is volatility in the crypto market many investors lost their money. And if you are someone who is seeking to invest in a safe investment, I will explain how you can make money without taking any risks. So please don’t skip this till the end so that you can understand everything.

UST Crypto Dipped below $0.15 from $1| Philately is a safer investment – Watch this Video

Let me tell you the safe investment strategy that is philately where you can make money by collecting stamps and buying and selling them is very simple. It Doesn’t require any experience and expertise to do so.

This is the President Review of the Fleet miniature sheet, which was issued on 12th Feb 1984 the miniature sheet was released by The Department of Indian Post to mark the celebration of the sixth President Review of the fleet.

President Review of The Fleet

If you want to buy the President Review of the Fleet miniature sheet, then you are at the right place as is a one-stop solution where you can buy all kinds of stamps like; cricket stamps, bird stamps, and political stamps, so let me show you how you can buy stamps.

Step 1: Register on  with your credential details.



Step 2: pick the stamp and miniature sheet from the menu.

select the stamp


Step 3: click on add to cart to proceed ahead.


click on add to cart

Step 4: Click on proceed to checkout.


Proceed to checkout

Step 5: fill in the form of billing details and proceed to pay.


Proceed to pay


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