Why Asian paints and Berger paints stocks are falling?

Why Asian paints and Berger paints are falling?

Why Asian paints and Berger paints stocks are falling?

In the last two days, Asian share price has fallen around 11.50 percent while Berger paints shares price have dipped more than 10 percent in the last two sessions.


Asian paint and Berger paints fall on the second straight session on 26th May 2022. Asian paint share price today opened with downside low of ₹2740.50 levels while Berger paints share price today opened lower ₹547 apiece levels. In the last two sessions, Asian share price has fallen from ₹3096 to 2740.50 logging more than 11 percent dip whereas Berger paints shares have fallen from ₹610.50 to ₹547 levels descending to the tune of 10 percent in the last two sessions.

Market experts expect that Asian paints and Berger paints are expected to remain under the pressure and these companies would take a good amount of time to get back on track advised investors to avoid entering the recession session, due to the spike in crude oil prices after Russia-Ukraine invasion.

Expecting a sell-off in Asian paints and Berger paints in the upcoming weeks, both stocks look red on the chart pattern and there can be more sell-off in these paint stocks. As expected that at least a 10 percent correction in both paint stocks.

Unique investment strategy for moderate growth.

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This is Prakash Utsav: Guru Govind Singh Miniature Sheet.

Guru Govind Singh

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