Why should I buy India stamps?

Why should buy India stamps


Stamps are not only a piece of paper but it is the culture, tradition, and personalities of a country. Stamps are the heritage of a nation as it shows a nation’s history and strength, as we all know how important a nation’s tradition and culture are. Importantly, to discover the history and personalities you should buy India stamps so that you can understand Indian history and tradition. Apart from that, you may give stamps to your on a birthday or any other occasion like New Year, Holi, and Diwali to let your children know about Indian history, tradition, culture, and personalities. Giving stamps to children is much better than toys because they can learn something through stamps and it can save in frames for memory.

History of Indian Postage Stamp

The Indian postal history started with a paper postage presentation in Sindh, India. They pulled back in the year 1854, after the presentation of Indian postage stamps. The incredible journey of the postal stamp of India had a major breakthrough with the establishment of the Indian Post Office in 1837.  East India had played a constructive role in the development of the Indian Postal System. The first stamp pan-India was issued on 1st October 1854. Since then Indian stamp collection has grown in large size and has caught philatelists’ eye on Indian stamps all across the world.

Where to buy Indian stamps?

To buy India stamps you can head to the Post Office, where you get all kinds of miniature sheets and stamps such as all set stamps, commemorative stamps, republic stamps, military stamps etc. and you can buy India stamps from philatelists who have a good amount of collection in Indian stamps. They probably sell stamps and miniature sheets to a new philatelist to start their collection. Apart from offline buying India stamps, you can buy India stamps from websites.

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