05-09-2001: Jagdev Prasad (Journalist& Politician) India Stamp


Babu Jagdev Prasad, also known as Jagdev Prasad, was a prominent Indian journalist, politician and member of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. In 1968, he served as the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar. He was a socialist and a proponent of mercantile culture, founded the Shoshita Dal and strongly opposed India’s caste system, earning him the nickname Lenin of Bihar. On 5th September 2001, the Indian Postal Department issued a postage stamp in his name.  Jagdev Prasad belonged to the Dangi sub-caste of the Koiri community. Jagdev Prasad In the midst of caste tensions known as the Bihar movement in the 1970s, he had significant support from other backward classes and Dalits who united against the domination of upper-caste landlords.

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